Logiciel datacheck analyzer : pour diagnostic Ethernet industriel

Analyser Pro

Analyzer IE / PRO

Software for Mobile Diagnostics and Acceptance Testing of Industrial Networks

Analyzer IE / PRO is a comprehensive software solution for acceptance testing and efficient troubleshooting of Ethernet-based industrial communication. In a PROFINET environment, the mobile diagnostic tool generates standardized acceptance reports in accordance with the recommendations of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), making it an easy-to-use product that is tailored to the needs of plant suppliers, maintenance personnel as well as service providers.

Comprehensive Functionality

  • Diagnostics list, error statistics, network statistics
  • Enhanced flexibility by supporting online as well as offline mode
  • Generation, analysis and handling of diagnostic data such as graphical topology, inventory list and reference measurements, also for standard Ethernet components (eg PCs, camera systems)

Automated Generation of Acceptance Test Documents

  • Time saving by automatically created test reports
  • Flexible definition of acceptance criteria
  • Transparent reporting by following PI guidelines

Tool Addressing Complete Plant Lifecycle

  • Data on network configuration, network communication and diagnostic messages
  • Error identification for effective troubleshooting (e.g. based on inventory list of network devices)
  • Chance to support exchange of general project information between end users, EPC contractors, system integrators and maintenance service providers
  • Seamless integration with Softing diagnostics per-manent monitoring solutions TH SCOPE and TH LINK
Technical Data
  • Analysis of device logs
  • Live list, statistics, inventory
  • Topology and trend analysis
  • GSDML file support, plaintext messages in diagnostic list
  • Acceptance measurements and acceptance reports
  • Reference comparison
  • Configurable time intervals for automated export of inventory and topology data
  • Data export via Excel
  • Configurable Blacklist feature for robust operation
  • Optional (Analyzer PRO): Telegram analysis: jitter, refresh interval, load ratio
Supported Protocols PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP
  • SNMP Agent
  • OPC UA Server
System Requirements Adobe Reader 8 or higher for reading the documentation and for printing the topology
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Network Access Data collection through TH LINK PC (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP)
Demo Version Full TH SCOPE functionality can be used for free for 30 days after installation
Licensing Software or hardware key
Scope of Delivery
Software Analyzer IE
License Software key (bound to PC) or hardware key
Hardware profiTap: Network tap for telegram analysis operation, optional (Analyzer PRO)
Documentation Installation manual, user manual, release note
Order Numbers
LRA-JY-003041 Analyzer IE (software key)
LRL-JY-003042 Analyzer IE (hardware key)
KPL-JY-003043 Analyzer PRO
Additional Products and Services
GDA-JY-003037 TH LINK Industrial Ethernet
LRA-JY-003028 TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet
TRA-PB-TECH Training “PROFIBUS Technology”
TRA-PB-TS Training “PROFIBUS Troubleshooting with exam to Certified PROFIBUS Installer”
TRA-PN-CERTINST Training “PROFINET Acceptance and Commissioning”
TRA-PN-CERTENG Training “PROFINET Technology graduated as Certified PROFINET Engineer”
TRA-PN-TOOLS On-site training: PROFINET tools

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Serial Profibus Interface SPI3

Interface Série Profibus : SPI3

  • Coupleur pour l’intégration de devices via l’interface Série RS232, comme esclave PROFIBUS DP
  • Remplace l’interface Série de la PLC, dans les installations PROFIBUS Décentralisés.
  • Convient pour des applications simples telles que la connexion d’affichage ou scanner barcode, ou autres applications plus complexes, telles que l’intégration de systèmes d’identifications , balances, contrôleurs et équipements de laboratoire.
  • Intégration de devices, avec interface série comme esclave  DP pour réseaux PROFIBUS
  • Disponible pour divers protocoles et interfaces physiques


  • Esclave DP avec transmission de 9.6 kbit/s jusqu’à 12 Mbit/s
  • Transmission série de 110 bits jusqu’à 57.6 kbit/s ( selon protocole )
  • Interfaces séries disponibles : RS232, RS422 ou RS485
  • Configuration avec fichier GSD via le maître PROFIBUS DP
Nominal supply voltage 24 V DC (19.2 … 28.8)
Current consumption max. 200 mA
Ambient temperature range 0 … +75°F
Transmission rate serial 110 Bit/s up to 57.6 kBit/s (depending on the protocol)
Interface serial RS 232, RS 422, RS 485 (interface as per order)
Protocols serial Free ASCII driver, 3964R, RK512, MODBUS RTU
Transmission rate PROFIBUS 9.6 kBit/s up to 12 MBit/s
Interface PROFIBUS RS 485
IO Range PROFIBUS 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 data words (depending on the protocol)
Case, protection class Plastic, IP 20
Mounting 35 mm DIN top hat rail
Dimensions W x H x D 75 x 75 x 53 mm
Weight 136 g
Certificate CE | UL
GPA-NS-011236 SPI 3 RS 232
GPA-NS-011237 SPI 3 RS 422
GPA-NS-011238 SPI 3 RS 485

Scope of Delivery

SPI 3, Installation Guide
By Download Docu and Media Kit (includes online documentation, GSE, function blocks for SIMATIC S5 and S7, example projects); Release Note