Passerelle Ethernet pour la connexion de différents contrôleurs

The echochange protocol converter supports Ethernet TCP/IP protocols of such leading manufacturers as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Rockwell Automation. This simple protocol conversion makes communication between automation systems of different manufacturers quick and easy.


Protocol Conversion for Data Exchange between Multi-Vendor Automation Systems

  • Integration of robust control technology without having to adjust control software
  • Combination of separate networks with different media via configured connections
  • Connection of physically separate networks with different media or heterogeneous networks with identical medium
  • Connection of data from different control systems via allocation tables
  • Bi-directional conversion and writing of PLC data via configured connections
  • Analysis of device functionality and extensive Ethernet diagnostics

Support of Multiple Industrial Standard Protocols

  • Support of TCP, UDP, IP, ISO (H1), ISO on TCP (RFC1006), PLC Header, EtherNet/IP Ethernet protocols
  • Linking of computers with TCP/IP to ISO (H1) networks
  • Remote maintenance of ISO (H1) networked controllers via TCP/IP
  • Routing support for controllers

Investment Protection and IT Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • Standard component for extending functionality without modifying existing systems
  • Very easy configuration through straight-forward project import without requiring control modifications and programming skills
  • Remote configuration and diagnosis via remote maintenance if required
  • No need for additional PC with software updates and additional administration
  • Working for years once configured – untouched, without updates, and with zero maintenance costs
  • Supporting plug-and-go replacement if required based on configuration data stored on SD card
Ethernet Addressable Controllers Siemens S7 and S5, Rockwell Automation ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5 and SLC-500, Modbus TCP controllers (e.g. Schneider Electric, Phoenix, Contact Wago, Beckhoff), Mitsubishi (Melsec-Q), etc.
Ethernet Protocols TCP/IP, RFC1006 (ISO on TCP), ISO (H1), EtherNet/IP, AB Ethernet, S5, S7, CLX, SLC, Send/Receive (raw data / socket), TCP/IP with PLC header, Modbus TCP, Melsec-Q, DLMS, DCU
Protocol Conversion
  • RFC1006: to ISO(H1), CLX/SLC, AB Ethernet, Melsec-Q, Modbus TCP
  • ISO (H1): to RFC1006, ISO(H1), CLX/SLC, AB Ethernet, Melsec-Q, Modbus TCP
  • Modbus TCP: to RFC1006, CLX/SLC, AB Ethernet, Melsec-Q
Ethernet Interfaces 2xTP (RJ45), 10/100MBit/s
Power Supply 24VDC, ca. 0,3A
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 °C,  Storage Temperature: -20 to 70 °C
Dimensions (HxWxL) 131mm x47mm x 111mm
Weight ca. 0,4kg
Mounting 35mm DIN Rail
Protection Class IP20
Certifications CE, FCC, VCCI
GPL-YY-142101 echochange, Maximum 10 Connections;
Connectors: 2xEthernet
LRA-YY-142001 Upgrade echochange: Maximum 30 Connections

Additional Products and Services

700-5596-04 AC Adapter, 24VDC, Euro, UK, or USA
120-1010-05 Telephone support: application consulting, fees charged on a time and materials basis
110-1000-01 Training “Industrial Ethernet: Troubleshooting in Automation Plants“, 3 days

Scope of Delivery

Hardware Protocol converter echochange, SD Card 2 GB, connector for power supply*
Software Configuration software NetCon on CD-ROM
Documentation Quick Start leaflet, integrated help , product manual on CD-ROM

* A plug-in powerpack is not included. If necessary, please order this separately.

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Connector Power Pack 24 V DC

Country-specific connector power packs are available. Note: A connector power pack is not included in the delivery of the echochange. If necessary please order it separately.

Technical Details

100 – 240 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz, sec. 24 V, 1,25A


Simultaneous Operation of two Devices on one S5 PG Interface

PG-MUX II enables the simultaneous operation of two devices on one S5 PG interface: Connection of programming device, text display, operator panel or other process devices, that understand the PG protocol AS511.

  • Interface doubling for PG connection to a SIMATIC S5
  • Compatible with all S5 controllers including CPU 945. Since physical connection, pin allocation, and the electrical data conform to the PG/PLC interfaces, you can use your regular cables to connect the devices without having to bother with adapters
  • When two PGs are connected to one PLC, all PG functions except “process command” can be executed simultaneously on both PGs
  • Industrial metal housing
  • All interfaces and control elements in the front
  • Including connection cable
PLC Interface TTY (20 mA), active
PG1 + PG 2 Interface TTY (20 mA), active
Protocols 2 x AS511 or
1 x SINEC-L1-Bus
and 1 x AS511
  • AS511 (PG Protocol) – AS511 (PG Protocol)
  • AS511 (PG Protocol) – SINEC-L1-BUS
  • SINEC-L1-BUS  – AS511 (PG Protocol)
Power Supply 230 V AC and 24 V DC
Dimensions[in mm] L = 190, D = 110, H = 50
400-9361-05 PG-MUX II, EURO (230V)

Additional Products and Services

400-9361-03 Connection Cable Multiplexer – PLC TTY

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Catégories S5


S5-TCP/IP-100 – Pour le remplacement de la PLC S5 Siemens

Le S5-TCP/IP-100 est une interface Ethernet pour Siemens S5 Simatic. Avec ses 10 MBit/s et 100MBits/s, la communication processeur offre un taux de exceptionnel de transmission de données. Il communique avec des contrôleurs S7 et S5, ainsi qu’avec des contrôleurs Modbus TCP, comme Schneider, Wag et bien d’autres.


  • Communication TCP/IP, ISO sur TCP (RFC1006) et Sinec H1 en même temps
  • Communication avec les contrôleurs S5 et contrôleurs S7 via ISO sur TCP ( RFC1006).
  • Communication avec contrôleur Schneider, Beckhoff, Wago et bien d’autres via Modbus TCP
  • Transmission of données brutes (send/receive communication)
  • Chance d’acquerir et de visualiser les données de process via OPC ( parametrisation standard couche ISO 7 )
  • Connection à un PC ou logiciel de programmation soir directement par interface séries ou via le bus
  • Support de la communication de données “Event controlled” via Fetch sur évenement
  • Connection de plusieurs appareils ou setup de réseaux locaux, intégrand un switch 4 ports


  • Sécurité haute performance grâce au monitoring permanent
  • Protection via password disponible
  • Archivage des données possibles en cas de coupure de courant
  • Sécurité additionnelle sur CompactFlash card

Diagnostic rapide et facile

  • Connexion simple pour diagnostic et vue d’ensemble des connexions
  • Interface de diagnostic PLC
  • Séparation entre monitoring de connexions standard et connexions “Fetch on Event”
  • Etat du réseau, nombre de télégrammes reçus et envoyés and indicateur d’évaluation
Supported S5 Controllers SIMATIC S5-115, SIMATIC S5-135, SIMATIC S5-150, SIMATIC S5-155
PLC Interface 1 x TTY, 15-pole Sub-D socket with slide-locking bolts
4-Port-Ethernet-Switch RJ45, 10/100MBit/s, half/full-duplex, 10 BaseT/100 BaseTX, Auto-negotiation, link LED and activity LED per port
Supported Protocols TCP/IP, ISO on TCP (RFC1006), ISO (H1), Modbus TCP, PLC Header, DNS, DHCP, SNMP services in accordance with MIB II, FTP
Types of Jobs Send Direct, Receive Direct, Fetch Active, Fetch Passive, Write Active, Write Passive, Fetch on Event
Compact Flash Slot Type I or II (standard), for configuration backup, “Hot Plug” capability
Power Supply 5 VDC via S5 backplane bus, maximum of 3 A
Operating / Storage temperature 0 °C … +60 °C / -20 °C … +70 °C
Relative Humidity Maximum of 95 % at +25 °C
Required Space 1 slot on SIMATIC S5-115, adapter capsule required
Module Format Double Europa
Configuration software NetCon S5 for Windows
Compatibility Compatible to each other, so that existing parameterization can be taken over directly when a change is made
ATV-200-4000-01 S5-TCP/IP 100

Scope of Delivery

Hardware S5-TCP/IP 100, Ethernet interface for SIMATIC S5
Software Configuration Software NetCon S5
Documentation printed quick reference, manual on CD-ROM

Additional Products and Services

ATV-700-1700-01 PLC cable for S5-CP/PLC (short connection cable) for programming the SIMATIC S5 via Ethernet
ATV-700-1500-05 EIA-232 / TTY converter cable for serial parameterization
ATV-700-2400-02 CompactFlash Card, 128 MB
ATV-110-1000-01 Training “Industrial Ethernet – Troubleshooting in Automation“, 3 days
ATV-100-1030-01 Training “OPC Plug & Play in Automation”, 2 days Basics, OPC communication with S5/S7 controllers and OPC Client

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CF Card

  • For additional Backup of the Parameterization
  • Hot Plug Capable
  • 128 MB

Order Number


RS232 / TTY cable

Cable for Serial Parameterization of the S5-TCP/IP 100

Technical Details

  • For Serial Parameterization
  • RS-232, 9pin D-sub Female – TTY (20 mA), 15pin D-sub Male
  • Length: 5 m

Order Number:


Câble PLC S5 <-> CP/PLC

  • TTY, 15pin D-sub Male – TTY, 15pin D-sub Male
  • Longueur: 0,6 Metre



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