L’intrusion dans vos systèmes de production peut engendrer aller jusqu’à l ‘arrêt total de la production.. C’est aussi un risque de vol de données sans que personne s’en apercoive. Ne laissez plus les hacker accèder à vos données sensibles, ni arrêter votre production.

As technologies converge, the risk of microbreaches will spike

Microbreaches, or the tweaking of data that “can cascade throughout distributed IT environments” will also increase, due to the market consolidation in security. They are often elusive, since today’s tools can monitor and create alerts–such as SIEMs, packet capture, netflows–but aren’t sufficient to fight microbreaches in a distributed IT system. And since consolidation means increased complexity and a lack of integration, and increased vulnerabilities, expect that a spike in microbreaches will follow.